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April Newsletter - Socials, Showcases and Special Introductions

Hello Hellcats!! 

April flew past so fast and suddenly we are in May! This season is vanishing before our eyes and we are so proud of how hard all our cheerleaders have been working!

Cheetahs have moved to their new location in Tangmere and have been putting in some great work to get their routine ready for their showcase at the end of June. They've been practicing their stunts and timings so much and are looking great!

Tigers have been working on timing, tumbling and some exciting new stunts to go into their competition routine. They are just a few weeks away from their debut performance at Schools Out, Bournemouth. We are so excited to see them take the floor for the first time.

Panthers have been sharpening up their competitive routine and have been working hard to add some extra sass to it lately. All the girls have really stepped up over the past few weeks and we are in the final stretch before their next competition at BCA Summer Showdown at the start of June.

Leopards have been focussing on their tumble timing for the last few sessions and we are really starting to see results which is amazing. They will also be hitting the mat in a couple of weeks at BCA Summer Showdown in the Senior 2.1 division and we can't wait to cheer them on. Keep working hard girls!

Lions have been pushing hard to upgrade their routine ahead of their final performance of the season at BCA. They've really been putting in the reps at practice and we are so proud of how hard they've been working. 

Jaguars have also been working on upgrades and even with a few delays to training due to injuries, they have made great progress and we can't wait to see the new routine on the floor in a couple of weeks. 

Lynx have almost completed their routine and we are so excited to see them compete at Schools Out in July! Keep working hard girls, it's looking so great!

A reminder that competition tickets are now available for BCA Summer Showdown in June. Please note that these tickets must be purchased via the BCA website by parents themselves rather than through us. All our teams will be competing on Saturday 1st June 2019 except for Jaguars who are competing on Sunday 2nd June.

Also, tickets for our Weybridge showcase are on sale now! Tickets can be purchased via our website's online store or from coaches at training. All of our competitive teams will be performing ahead of their final competitions of the season in Bournemouth and our Recreational Team will also be performing for the first time ever and we can't wait for you to see all our teams perform.

We are also extremely sorry for the inconvenience of cancelling all Weybridge training this week. The gym, the sports hall and the main hall are all unavailable because of exams. We will be back as normal from Wednesday 8th May and will be adding an additional 30 minutes to each training session until the end of this half term to make up for the lost training session.

Finally, we are so excited to announce that we have added a new member to our coaching staff! Sarah will be volunteering with Hellcats until the end of the season and we are so pleased to have her joining our team and getting to know all of our amazing cheerleaders. Scroll down to find out more about her!

See you at training! Rachel, Laura and Charlie


Good to know...

We can't wait for our first Showcase fundraiser! Tickets will available now and can be bought from coaches during training or from our online store.

Adult: £5 Child (under 10): £3 Infant (under 3): Free

All our Weybridge-based teams will be performing at this showcase, starting at 6pm. Cheetahs, please note your showcase is Saturday 29th June at the Selsey Centre. Ticket prices remain the same for both performances. 

Tickets may be limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

Over the Easter Holidays, each of our competitive teams had a team social.

Tigers and Panthers both headed to Airhop while Leopards headed to the Guildford Spectrum for some ice skating. 

A huge thank you to our captains, Emily, Freya and Olivia, for organising these socials, it's so great to see our teams bonding outside of training.

We can't wait for more of these social events to happen in the future. If anybody has any ideas, feel free to let us know!

Tickets for BCA Summer Showdown in Guildford are now available! 

BCA tickets are issued differently to other event providers and for this reason we are unable to order tickets in bulk as we have done previously with ICC and Future Cheer. 

Please make sure that if you would like spectator tickets to this competition that you buy them online ASAP. Tickets can be purchased here.

All our teams will be competing on Saturday 1st June apart from Jaguars Stunt Group who will be competing on Sunday 2nd June.

Introducing Sarah!

We are so excited to introduce you all to our newest member of the coaching team, Sarah! 

Sarah will be helping us out with Tigers and Rec Team as well as all our other teams whenever needed. 

Sarah began cheerleading at an after-school club when she was 10 years old. When she was 12, Sarah joined Royals Allstars and trained competitively with them for 4 years, competing in levels 2-5.  She then spent a season competing level 4 for Supernova Allstars in High Wycombe. Sarah then returned to Royals for another year as a Junior Coach before moving to Anglia Ruskin University where she coached their co-ed level 1 team.

Sarah is a qualified level 1&2 cheerleading coach and is so excited to be training with the girls this season.

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