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Competition Update - Important Information

Hi Hellcats,

It has been a manic year to say the least! With the ongoing situation that is Covid, I have some updates to the competition Schedule due to events being postponed further.


All our Fullbrook teams were supposed to be doing the Legacy Just Believe competition on the 19th-21st February, this will obviously not be taking place and we have decided not to do this competition at all as the postponed event will be the weekend after our Competition in Crawley and we think two weekends back to back is too much.


ALL Cheer and Dance Competition Teams (Chichester and Fullbrook) will be attending the rescheduled ICE Blast competition in Crawley. If you are one of the cheerleaders that were supposed to be competing in this event in May 2020 you do not owe any money, your entry fee has been transferred from this year to next year. If you are new to Hellcats this year or on Felines your competition fee of £35.00 (£25.00 for all felines on a cheer team) will be due by the 1st February. This event is currently scheduled for the weekend of the 15th and 16th May. Teams will be competing on the following days:

SATURDAY 15th May Session 1

  • Bobcats

  • Cubs

  • Cheetahs

  • Tigers

SATURDAY 15th May Session 2

  • Panthers

  • Pumas

  • Leopards

SUNDAY 16th May Session 4

  • Felines


Due to the ICE Blast competition being rescheduled for the 15th and 16th May, it means our travel team can no longer attend FC Amsterdam the same weekend. Wildcats will therefore be attending FC Barcelona on the 5th June instead. We will be travelling out on the 4th June and return on the 3rd June. We will contact you regarding your remaining payment instalments due.


Our Junior Chichester teams Pumas and Felines will still be attending into the future in Brighton on the 29th/30th May. Please note that Bobcats and Cheetahs will not be attending this competition. This date currently remains the same. Pumas will be competing on the Saturday and Felines will be competing on the Sunday. We did not pay for this competition last year as it was cancelled before we were required to, therefore payment of £35.00 (plus an additional £25.00 if you are in both teams) for all participants is due by the 1st March


The last competition of the season for our FULLBROOK teams is FC internationals in Bournemouth. This is on the 3rd/4th July, payment for this was due on the 1st December so nothing is owed for this. We do not currently know what teams will be competing on which day but normally it is mini (Cubs), Youth (Tigers) and Juniors (Panthers) on the Saturday and then Seniors (Leopards) on the Sunday but we shall confirm this as soon as we know.

I hope this information helps

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the above.

Many Thanks

Rachel x

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