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Coronavirus Statement

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

UPDATE 17th March 8.30am Razzle Dazzle Promotions Ltd COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Following the government’s update yesterday, please find Razzle Dazzle Promotions Ltd’s (Also the coaches of Hellcats Cheerleaders) statement below, regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


We are currently taking our lead from local Schools, Leisure centres, Gyms and our governing body SportCheer England

As such we will be continuing to run classes and continuing to be as vigilant as before with hand washing before and after classes and disinfecting all equipment after use. As well as continuing to ask all coaches and students to follow our rules as written in the our statement on the 13th March which can be found further down the page.

On top of these rules we will also be cancelling all crossovers within the timetable at this time to further reduce the risk to anyone within our care. This means that our Chichester teams Cheetahs and Pumas will now do an hour and 45 minutes class each to avoid the half hour overlap they have in the middle normally. Cheetahs 5-6.45pm and Pumas 6.45-8.30pm.

Our Weybridge teams will continue with team practices but we will be cancelling additional tumble classes that normally run along side these in order to limit the amount of students that we have in the gym at any given time until further notice.

With ALL CLASSES we please ask that you kindly wait outside until the class before has finished and wait for them to fully exit before you enter. This also applies to parents when you are dropping off and picking up.

Competitions in England

Currently EPs have postponed all competitions until the 3rd of May. This currently doesn't apply to any competitions we are planning to compete at.

Please rest assured that you will be informed of any further updates as and when we have them.

Thank you for your continued support

Rachel x

Program Director

Hellcats Cheerleaders

Razzle Dazzle Promotions Ltd COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 13th March 1.00pm

Following the government’s update yesterday, please find Razzle Dazzle Promotions Ltd’s (Also the coaches of Hellcats Cheerleaders) statement below, regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

We understand that you may be concerned about the risk of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the potential impact on training and UK competitions. We hope that the following information will be helpful to you.


Currently in England there is no mandate for schools and colleges to close, therefore it is assumed most other daily activities such as cheerleading teams and dance classes will continue as usual. But in order to maintain this as such and keep risks to a minimum we will please be asking all of our coaches, parents and students to follow the below rules:

· Anyone entering a class will be required to clean their hands when both entering and leaving the class. We will be providing sanitizer and will leave by the entrance or please feel free to use the sinks and soap located outside of the hall.

· Parent drop off and pick up at the door to reduce risk.

· No food is to be consumed in the class at all.

· Any drinks must be in a sealed bottle, No sharing of water bottles.

· If your child or a member of the family becomes ill with and cold or flu like symptoms then please do not come to training and self Isolate as per instruction by the government.

· All of our equipment will be wiped with disinfectant after sessions every day (any help with this is much appreciated!)

· Please continue to follow the government advice on the situation.

· If you have been to any other country or are going in the Easter holidays then you will not be permitted to attend classes for 2 weeks.

· Please ensure that your cheer shoes ARE NOT worn outside and you bring them with you to change into

· Due to the nature of cheerleading, dance and gymnastics and the close proximity in which we work with each other, if you travel on public transport to get to training we please also ask that you bring your training clothes with you to get changed into them when you arrive.

Competitions in England

Whilst the UK has now been moved from Containment to Delay phase, yesterday’s government announcement stated that they do not believe the risk to individuals is increased at sporting events or other mass gatherings, and are currently not imposing a ban on events of any size in England.

At this time, the event providers we have spoken to intend to go ahead as planned with competitions and are being guided by government advice. We will keep in touch with the EP’s of the competitions we are entering this year and update you of any changes as soon as we know of them

We understand that this is an extremely anxious time for everyone in the sport, for many reasons, and the health and safety of athletes, coaches and spectators is of paramount importance to all.

Thank you for your continued support in trying to keep everyone in our care as safe as possible and our business running as smooth as possible at this uncertain time.

Rachel x

Program Director

Hellcats Cheerleaders

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