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Covid-19 Update - July Competitions

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

UPDATE 14th May - 12.00pm COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and July Competitions

Following the government’s statement on Sunday and the release of the UK’s road map for exiting lockdown, it is now clear that it is not feasible for Future Cheer to go ahead with Schools Out on 4th July or Internationals on the 5th and 6th July and so therefore both events have been cancelled.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of this, I know it probably doesn't come as a shock but I for one was holding out hope that we could at least get to finish this season after all your hard work. However, the country we will not be in a position to run gatherings of this type by the beginning of July.

What does this mean?

I know there will be plenty of questions regarding this news so I will try to cover everything I currently have information on below:

If you bought tickets via the online shop for internationals these will be automatically refunded as thankfully due to lockdown being announced before the payment of these to the BIC was due, I was holding off until we knew for sure.

If you are a member of Tigers, Lynx or Jungle Cats and were attending the Schools out competition on the 4th July, again this will be refunded as the registration date was the start of June so I had held off making payments until I knew for sure whether the event would go ahead. In order to receive your refund for this please send your bank details to

As you know I paid for our Internationals entry back in January when it was due. Future Cheer have informed me that they will therefore be transferring this as credit towards entries for any competitions we do next year. So this means that there will be no competition fee to pay for internationals next year. If for any reason you do not compete with Hellcats at Internationals next year but have paid your Internationals fees, I will ensure that you receive a full refund at the start of next season when we start taking regular fee payments again as I want to ensure you get back what is owed to you but I hope you can appreciate as a small business we dont have the cash flow at the moment to do this while we are not running.

I hope this covers everything you need to know

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email me at

Many Thanks

Rachel x

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