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December Newsletter - Bows, Badges and Beginning 2020! (Weybridge Edition)

Hello Hellcats!! 

Yes, we are a little late in getting our end of year newsletter out! Nonetheless, we have lots to talk about and lots of exciting things coming up this term!

We are beyond excited to get back in the gym and start training again! We are only 4 weeks from our first competition of the season and we can't wait to see our athletes take the floor!

Tigers will be working on building their routine ready for their first competition in July. These girls were making such great progress before Christmas with learning new stunts and we can't wait to see them improve further this term!

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you of some coaching changes to Tigers. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sarah is unable to continue coaching with Hellcats. Laura will be taking over the Tigers team from now on and is really looking forward to working with the girls for the rest of this season.

Cubs, Panthers and Leopards are going to be hitting the ground running when they return to training this week as they put the finishing touches to their routines ready for BCA Fundamentals on the 1st February. 

Please note, BCA have condensed their competition to one day so ALL athletes will be competing on Saturday 1st February. 

Jaguars and Ocelots have unfortunately had to pull out of BCA in February but they will still be training hard in the gym getting ready for their debuts in May! We can't wait to see them perform!

Lions and Mountain Lions are also working extremely hard to finish and perfect their routines ahead of February's competition. We can't wait to see them take on the Junior 1 and Junior 2 stunt group divisions. 

Just a reminder for Lions that you have a 2 hour training session this week from 4-6pm instead of your usual 5-6 slot. 

Our Rec team is back in the gym this week and we are excited to work on some new skills with you all this term ahead of starting to build our showcase routine after half term. We can't wait to see how these girls progress.

We would also like to remind all our competitive athletes that your team bows need to be ordered as soon as possible as these are part of your uniform for competitions. These can be purchased via our online store. Rec athletes do not need to purchase team bows, though we do have a range of training bows also available if your cheerleader would like a bow to wear to training. These can be personalised and can also be found on our website


Don't forget that if you are planning on coming to watch BCA Fundamentals on 1st Feb, you will need to purchase spectator tickets via the BCA website. These cannot be ordered through us. 

We are however able to take orders for spectator tickets for our second competition of the season, ICE, on 23rd and 24th May. If you would like to order tickets, please place your order through our online store. The deadline for ordering spectator tickets for ICE Blast Crawley is 31st January 2020. Tickets ordered after this date cannot be guaranteed.

Finally, during our last training sessions before competition, all of our teams will be having what we like to call 'Fight Night'. All our teams competing at BCA Fundamentals are encouraged to wear black and/or camo print to training and be prepared to work hard and hit those routines before we take to the comp floor!

Cubs and Panthers will have Fight Night on Wednesday 29th January and Leopards, Lions and Mountain Lions will have theirs on Thursday 30th January during normal training times. It's going to be a really fun session and a great way to kick start our competition season!

See you at training!

Rachel, Laura, Kat, Charlie and Tiff x

Important info...

We are excited to announce the date of our next half term tumble camp! 

Join us at Sportac Gymnastics Centre, Feltham on Wednesday 19th February from 9am-12pm.

This tumble camp is perfect for working towards your next tumble goals and ticking off more skills in your tumble books.

We often see lots of new skills achieved on these days and can't wait to see what this camp has in store!

£12 for 3 hours of tumble coaching. 

Spaces are limited so if you would like to attend, please book by clicking here.

ID Cards are essential for BCA Fundamentals on February 1st. 

Every athlete requires an ID Card to be worn on a lanyard around their neck at all times during competition, especially as they head to warm up.

We have Hellcats lanyards available on our online store for just £3.50

If you would like to order a Hellcats lanyard, please click here.

*If you have not competed at a BCA competition with us before and have not sent us your proof of age, please do this asap!*

A reminder of some changes to training in April and June due to the school being unavailable because of exams. 

Please note these sessions are mandatory.

SUNDAY 26TH APRIL 2020 - Feltham Practice 3-6pm

W/C 27th April - no Heathside practices on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.

SUNDAY 14TH JUNE 2020 - Feltham Practice 3-6pm

W/C 15th June - No Heathside practices on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.

SUNDAY 21ST JUNE 2020 - Feltham practice 3-6pm

W/C 22nd June - No Heathside practices on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.

SUNDAY 28TH JUNE 2020 - Feltham practice 3-6pm

W/C 29th June - No Heathside practice on Monday. Hellcats annual showcase on Wednesday 1st July and regular practice resumes on Thursday 2nd July. 

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