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March Newsletter - Practice, Performances and Purchasing Tickets

Hello Hellcats!! 

March has been super busy and we can't believe it's the last week of term already!  

All of our teams have been working so incredibly hard over the past few weeks and we couldn't be prouder of them. 

Cheetahs had their debut performance at Bosham Variety Show and they did an incredible job! We got so much positive feedback about how great they were and the girls all had a really good time. 

Cheetahs have also expanded so much in the past few weeks that we are moving to a new location after the Easter Break! It is so exciting to see so many people getting involved in cheerleading and we can't wait to make the move and have access to a lot more equipment which will help the team progress more efficiently.

Tigers have been working together on their pyramid for the past couple of weeks and they have been making great progress. We love seeing how much fun this team has at training and how they are really coming together as a team. We can't wait to see them take to the floor for their first ever competition in just 13 weeks time! 

Panthers have truly been putting in the work lately and it has really paid off! Their stunt and pyramid sections are looking so much sharper and we are loving the sass they are starting to put in. We can't wait to see how they look on the floor at BCA in June! Keep it up, girls!

Leopards have been doing so well upgrading their routine even with a couple of injuries! They look great in the run up to BCA in June and we are looking forward to seeing them perform again. Keep working hard girls, you're doing great!

Lions and Jaguars have been putting in so much work to upgrade their stunt group routines ahead of their last competition of the season at BCA while Lynx are getting ready for their first comp at FC Schools Out in July. We can't wait to see all these teams kill it on the mat.

We are also so pleased to announce that our Rec Team is now full! It has been so great to watch this team grow over the last term and they have made so much progress. We are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for them.

All of our cheerleaders have been working on their tumbles recently and we are loving watching them develop their tumbling skills. A friendly reminder that our next compulsory Tumble Clinic is Saturday 28th April 2019.

Competition tickets are now available for BCA Summer Showdown in June. Please note that these tickets must be purchased via the BCA website by parents themselves rather than through us. If you have purchased tickets for FC Internationals in Bournemouth in July, the cost of these tickets will be added to your invoices for next term.

Finally, we can confirm that the date of our Weybridge teams showcase will be Wednesday 3rd July 2019. Please note the date change from your original welcome packs which stated the showcase would be Sunday 30th June 2019. The showcase on 3rd July will take place in the Sports Hall at Heathside School and will start at 6pm. All of our competitive teams will be performing ahead of their final competitions of the season in Bournemouth. We are beyond excited to be holding our first showcase as a team and can't wait for you to see all of our teams perform.

Tickets for the Showcase will be available after the Easter holidays and all proceeds will go back into the Club to help buy more equipment to help the teams continue to grow and progress.

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and come back refreshed and ready to take on the last term of the season! 

See you at training! Rachel, Laura & Charlie

Good to know...

We can't wait for our first Showcase fundraiser! Tickets will available after the Easter holidays from coaches.

Adult: £5 Child (under 10): £3 Infant (under 3): Free

All our Weybridge-based teams will be performing at this showcase, starting at 6pm. Cheetahs, please note your showcase is Saturday 29th June at the Selsey Centre. Ticket prices remain the same for both performances. 

Tickets may be limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

Cheetahs did an outstanding job at the debut performance. 

On 16th March, Cheetahs took to the stage for the first time to perform at the Bosham Variety Show, an annual fundraiser to raise money for the local minibus that provides transportation to the elderly residents of the village. 

We are so grateful to have been invited to perform at this event and we are looking forward to seeing Cheetahs perform again at their showcase in June!

Tickets for BCA Summer Showdown in Guildford are now available! 

BCA tickets are issued differently to other event providers and for this reason we are unable to order tickets in bulk as we have done previously with ICC and Future Cheer. 

Please make sure that if you would like spectator tickets to this competition that you buy them online ASAP. Tickets can be purchased here.

All our teams will be competing on Saturday 1st June apart from Jaguars Stunt Group who will be competing on Sunday 2nd June.

New Merchandise!

We often add new merchandise to our online store so be sure to check it out! 

This sunshine has us dreaming of our summery Hellcats vests and have you seen our awesome brand new lanyards? Perfect for holding your BCA ID Card, your keys or anything else!

Tigers, don't forget you need shorts to wear under your uniform skirts - these can be ordered from us directly!

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