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About Hellcats

Hellcats Cheerleaders is a competitive and recreational cheerleading programme based in Addlestone, Surrey and Chichester, West Sussex. At Hellcats, our ambition is simple: to be cheerleader's biggest cheerleaders! 

Starting as an after-school club in September 2012, Hellcats is now in it's 11th season and offers classes for everyone; regardless of age, gender, ability level or previous experience. We are more than a team, we are a vibrant community with a passion for making cheerleading accessible for all and we take immense pride in nurturing and cheering on our athletes every step of the way. 

We are dedicated to fostering an environment where individuals gain a strong grounding in not only cheerleading-specific skills, but valuable life skills they can take with them far beyond their years on the mat. 

Our Hellcats Values are at the heart of everything we do and we use these to help tailor our programme and empower each member of the Hellcats Pride on their journey to become their most successful self. 

Join us in celebrating the power of teamwork, dedication and relentless positivity at Hellcats Cheerleaders!

Built For You

  • Hellcats provides a safe, fun environment to introduce individuals to cheerleading - we put a strong emphasis on putting the 'FUN' in fundamentals.

  • Our focus is on celebrating the individual and their journey through the programme through our Skills Badge Award Scheme and Cheerleader of the Month Nominations. There are no 'small wins' at Hellcats and we acknowledge the effort involved in individual accomplishments.

  • We want to help you achieve your best success by ensuring progression of skills is at your pace while encouraging you to become the best person you can be, both inside the gym and out.

Built To Care

  • Hellcats is run by passionate, qualified coaches that put your experience first. Individuals are placed within groups where they will feel valued and successful under the instruction of our incredible coaching staff that are eager to share their love of the sport with the next generation. 

  • We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community where everyone is welcome. With classes available for all ages, genders and abilities, there is absolutely no experience necessary to join The Pride. All we ask for is a good attitude and mindset.

  • We firmly believe that nobody should miss out on cheerleading due to financial barriers and we strive to make Hellcats cost effective to suit every budget. With multiple options to suit your level of time and financial commitment, we have a class for you! From competition teams to recreational classes to our community clubs and after-school programmes, Hellcats aims to make cheerleading affordable and accessible for all.

Built For Life

  • Our goal is to use cheerleading to provide well-rounded life experiences for our members and build confidence and self-esteem. Cheerleading teaches Team Work, Communication and Resilience alongside many other life skills that individuals can take with them outside of the gym and into the 'real world'. 

  • By making cheerleading accessible to as many people as possible, we are hoping to provide education of our sport - it is so much more than just pom poms! Through our use of open and honest communication and strong relationships with our members, we are able to squash stereotypes and instead put an emphasis on the athleticism and hard work our athletes develop and ensuring the validity of our sport is increased for future generations.

  • We provide leadership opportunities through our Junior Coach programme and Team Captain roles. We encourage individuals to believe that anything is possible with hard work and dedication and strive to help develop leadership skills that can be used far beyond their cheerleading life.

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