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Tryouts for potential flyers are now available for booking.


If your athlete would like to be considered for a flying position in Season 12, please book a flyer tryout. At this tryout, athletes will be given a 5 minute private slot where they will fly on a stunt group formed of coaches. This will give us the best idea possible of how the athlete holds themselves in the air, what their flexibility and confidence looks like and what bases they would best be suited to.


IMPORTANT: Please arrive 15 minutes before your tryout time to warm yourself up. Due to high demand, if you miss your tryout time we cannot guarantee an alternative slot.


Please note that attending a flyer tryout is not a guarantee of a flying position. Flyers will be decided based on a combination of ability and flexibility as well as overall team makeup. We may not have the right bases for your athlete to fly on in the team they are best suited for. All decisions regarding flyers are made with the best interests of the team as a whole in mind and are at the discretion of the coaches. All decisions are final. 


If successful, flyers will be required to attend a mandatory flyer training class each week at an additional cost to your subscription. 

Flyer Tryouts 2024

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