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Our Skill Evaluations for Season 12 are now available to book! 


Athletes who wish to be on a competitive team for Season 12 should book one of the available time slots below for a 1:1 evaluation. 


Each athlete will attend a 10 minute 1:1 evaluation with one of our coaches where we will assess their jump and tumble ability. Please note these evaluations will be filmed for review by the entire coaching team as part of the team placement process. By booking an evaluation you are acknowledging and agreeing to this. 


Your evaluation fee also includes a callback session for stunting later in the week. All athletes must attend both sessions as part of the evaluation process. Athletes in Year 7 and below (as of September 2024) will attend a stunting callback from 5-7pm (Addlestone Weds 17th July, Chichester Thursday 18th July) and athletes in Year 8 or above (as of September 2024) will attend a stunting call back from 7-9pm (Addlestone Weds 17th July, Chichester Thursday 18th July. We may consider your athlete for a crossover position and will contact you directly should this be the case.


Due to expected numbers, there will be multiple 1:1 tumble evaluations happening at the same time. 


IMPORTANT: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your tryout time to ensure you are sufficiently warmed up. Due to demand, if you miss your evaluation time, we cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate an alternative slot. 


Skill Evaluations 2024

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